June 20, 2021


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3 Keys to Facebook Ads – Forget 1 Of These & Your Ads Fail

Success with Facebook ads requires you to get these 3 things right, every time. For a deep dive free training on Facebook ads go to -

The biggest mistake I see people making with Facebook ads is going all in on one idea, one creative and one gigantic audience.

This is a fast way to waste a lot of money on advertising through Facebook and you must be more strategic if you truly want to succeed.

The second problem I see people having with Facebook ads is simply ignoring the procedures and the policies and promoting things that are either in the gray area or are specifically prohibited.

And then there is the affiliate marketing attempts that simply crash and burn and get Facebook ad accounts shut down.

It is important to realize that mastering Facebook advertising is a long-term game that will require you to stay committed long-term to testing the three things you learn about in this particular video.

No one succeeds with Facebook ads on their first try and continues to succeed thereafter.If this game were easy, every hedge fund and investment portfolio in the world would be leveraging Facebook ads to sell products as a prophet to boost their returns for their clients.

This doesn’t happen in the real world because there are many specific skills required that take time to learn and master.

If you’re committed to learning the right skills and to growing as a Facebook advertiser I do recommend you take a look at the free deep dive video training at socialadclass.com

I just published this brand-new free Facebook ads training here in October so it is the most up to date training in the world on Facebook ads.Whether you go through that deeper dive training or not, it is ultimately irrelevant…

Stay focused on mastering these three pieces to the successful Facebook add puzzle and you will find greater success in everything that you do.

I hope this video has been helpful and leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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