June 20, 2021


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5 Crucial Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program | Two Minute Tuesdays

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Today, we're going to talk about get your affiliate platform set up


Hi, everybody! My name’s Matt, and I’m the Marketing CommunicationsManager now at Volusion. Today, we’re going to talk about get your affiliate platform set up. Before you is everything, the very first stepis to choose your affiliate curriculum pulpit. Essentially, this is the technology that’spowering the entire system. If you’re a Volusion customer, we have a fivestaraffiliate program already building in. If not, you can use any of the favourite toolsout there right now, such as Commission Junction.Next on our roll, and don’t take this softly, you need to decide on your commission structure. In other utterances, how are you going to pay youraffiliates? For speciman, it could be a flat fee for eachsale that they make for you, or it could be a percentage of that marketing. Step number three: You need to give your affiliatessomething to work with. Make sure that you create affiliate bannersand relevant collateral. By affiliate placards, I convey placard ads thatthey can place onto their website to link back to yours with their specific affiliatecode. By collateral, I signify almost anything. Whether it’s content or other personas, thegoal is to bait their books into coming back here to your place through their tie-in. Number four on our roll: Draft affiliatesinto your structure. There’s no point in having an affiliate systemunless you have a whole bunch of affiliates works for you, right? That means you need to make the time and dothe earnestnes of determine the right people for the job.There are several affiliate banking sitesout there you can leverage. You can also do organic huntings, or justreach out to some people you may know. Last-place on our roll, and this one is an ongoingprocess, always make sure that your affiliates are working for you. In other oaths, you need to keep them happy. So email and contact them. Send them new articles of collateral and bannerads to use. Always made to ensure that your business is topof mind so they want to sell your products above all others.Keep these five fundamental stairs in mindwhen you’re setting up your successful affiliate program. Have any questions? We’re always happy to help. Just leave me a comment in the box below andI’ll get right back to you. From me to you, joyful selling !.


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