October 27, 2021


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5 Top Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021 (Up to 8.5% Dividend!)

In this video, I'm going over 5 top dividend stocks to buy now that pay up to 8.5% dividend yield! I am a big fan of dividend investing for passive income - some of these stocks are a litter riskier,…

In this video, I’m going over 5 top dividend stocks to buy now that pay up to 8.5% dividend yield! I am a big fan of dividend investing for passive income – some of these stocks are a litter riskier, and some are definitely on the safer side. 

By the end of this video, you’ll have a solid understanding of these 5 companies and whether or not you may want to invest in them. I’ll take you through their financials, stock prices and statistics, dividend yield history, and current news. Dividend stocks are an effective way to invest long term with steady passive income paid to you quarterly.

I suggest taking these dividend payments and re-investing them into your portfolio – you have the option with any brokerage to automatically do this.

Note – I have an interest in these companies. My recommendations are just a suggestion to do further research- I encourage you to do your own research about each company and make a decision for yourself, whether or not you want to invest in that particular company. This video should not be considered financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor. Do NOT buy a stock just because it was on this video. This video is just my own analysis of 5 companies and the current news surrounding them.

Also – if you want a more technical analysis, there are other channels that will dive deep into the numbers 🙂

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