September 27, 2021


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5 Types of AFFILIATE MARKETING website with examples

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in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you five different types of affiliate marketing website so if you’re currently thinking about setting up your very own affiliate marketing website but you’re not too sure about the sort of site you want to create keep watching and hopefully this video will give you a bit of clarity let’s go[ Music] he’ll ever hallux now from WP eagle hope you’re all well thanks for watching so yeah in this video we’re gonna be exploring the different types of affiliate marketing website that you can create and they’re out there on the Internet to give you some brainchild and some doctrines so that you can go out and compose your very own site now I’ve got a number of lessons on my path which indicate you exactly how to create an affiliate market website and I will be adding links to them as we go through the video in the relevant recognizes so be sure to check them out and if you miss the cards you can always find them in the description below by the way I’ve also got a number of other videos in the pipeline which I’m hoping to upload in the course of the coming few weeks all about again creating your own affiliate marketing website so be assured to subscribe by clicking on the button below and click the little bell icon so that you don’t miss out when I do upload those but regardless let’s get started and let me tell you about a few cases of the different affiliate marketing websites that are out there okay the first one I want to mention is a blog site so this is your kind of basic vanilla sort of affiliate marketing website when I say basic that doesn’t mean you can’t give big bucks off them you certainly can a blog is basically just a accumulation of content a good example of this is an affiliate site called child gear lab appease on now you’ll learn quantities of articles and how to’s and revaluations only basically loads of content all around baby gear so it really helps people that are looking to make a purchase in the babe niche they’ve got articles for example on how to choose a stroller the best nappies all sorts of things everything your mother needs to know certainly when they’re gonna have a baby or they’ve already got a baby the great thing about this site is that they actually purchase all the products that they’re gonna be talking about now that resonates fairly unwarranted I know and patently not every affiliate needs to do that you can create your own content without buying all the products but this really dedicates them an extra bit of credibility and it allows them to you know churn out bunches and a lot of certainly high quality content second kind of a food marketing website is an ecommerce site now I do have a number of tutorials on how to create one of these on the path so be sure to check out the card and the links below but significant benefits of having an ecommerce site is that you have a blog just like the first sort of site but then you also have a selection of products on your locate as well and it kind of looks like a traditional ecommerce area this allows people to kind of browse around and add products to their cart and then when they check out they then get redirected off to the merchant for example Amazon and when they make their purchase you get the Commission you do still need blog content in order for these to work but significant benefits of having a lot of concoctions on your on your area means that you often get known from long tail searches so when people are searching for you know things very special and they typing in long commodity mentions and codes and that sort of thing there’s a good chance that your product sheets will come up for those inquiries and you’ll get commerce that channel you will need a plugin or some other sort of software to help you manage this and kind of pull products in via an API but yeah they’re a good locate to have and so they allow you to pick up a lot of long tail examines as well as going traffic to your main content like you would with a blog place third sort of site I want to talk about is a review focus site so it’s very similar to a blog website but it’s geared towards simply offering re-examines so two examples of this would be a website that I made a while back which was all around WordPress themes where I contributed consignments of content and added loadings of reviews and it had kind of star ratings that kind of thing I’ve introduce a link up to the video tutorial on how you can make a site just like that but yeah it’s a site it’s very focused on reviews that’s the kind of main content that you’re gonna be offering and you help people buy by reviewing products and then undoubtedly connecting off with your affiliate joins so that people are able to obligate the buying the fourth sort of site that I want to talk about is a voucher code site now I’m sure you’re familiar with these a big one is voucher codes system at UK in the UK and there’s a ton of websites out there that volunteer voucher codes and it is a very competitive niche peculiarly the more general places space that you could possibly enter this sell would be to have a niche about your code place so maybe time you know voucher codes for state concoctions or baby produces or or some very specific niche but mostly the direction this works is you create a site and you volunteer lots of discount codes and in order for someone to access those codes they have to click a button or something like that but then you know sends them off to the the merchants site via free think so cook it or undoubtedly you’d compose some voucher codes via your affiliate campaigns that you have with these merchants and then when someone uses that code they’re then able to track that marketing back to you and you get your commission so more fulltime site is a voucher code site amount five is a comparison site now I’m currently in the process of actually stimulating my own comparing place but as the call proposes a similarity site is just a residence where people can go when they’re looking for a certain type of product and allows them to compare premiums and stock available to you that kind of thing very easily now I’m creating one all around managers or sneakers as you say in the Nation and it’s going to be you know very specific in a very specific niche and it allows people to find the cheapest rate of coach the channel you do this is use a plugin for example content egg or something similar like that where you can pull in lots of tolls via an API I’m utilize a fillip space Commission Junction and Amazon and pulling all the day to and from all those chaps and then laying it out really nicely so people can clearly see you know where they can get the product for the cheapest rate if you thinking of doing a comparing locate again same to the voucher codes and make sure that you go into a specific niche that room you’ve got a good chance of get graded and again kind of all these sites they are gonna need material so you are gonna need a blog somewhere within there where you can you know serve up some good content and help people make a purchase that imparts us to the end of this video I hope you encountered it useful I hope has inspired you and kind of giving you some precision in areas of the sort of site that you want to create as I said I’ve got toriel’s on a number of these different type areas so I’ve got stores on how to create an ecommerce type site how to do its consideration of the item site and I say in the profile I’ve got a video coming through on how to create the blog place and the likenes website so yeah if you haven’t already satisfy do subscribe you can get a little bell to make sure you get advised and connect the notification crew as I listen other youtubers saying here’s a video from the past which I hope you experience and there’s a marry more paths that I’m on you might liked until next time bye for now

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