June 20, 2021


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Digital Marketing Presentation ~ My Strategy & Goals ~ Part 2

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and this is also a it was kind of the first time that I tried to document my my travels back then you guys all have to realize I didn't see my first iPhone the iPhone one didn't come out until the beginning of my junior year at college so there was no way to record video YouTube wasn't a thing there was the only way that I could share my travels which is what I wanted to do was to write it down so I wrote down I think it was a 60 page document I took a bunch of pictures with me and my dog and then I gave it to friends and family so I always wanted to share my travels and then the slide you saw here this is me as a bartender in Denver Colorado so after that trip I basically just started traveling around during this time I slept on my friend's kitchen on a blow-up mattress for about six months and I was literally any any way I could find to travel cheaply and explore that's what I do so I still had the van and what I would do is I would work you know Thursday through Sunday at the bar and then I take the van out to the mountains in Colorado and that's what I did in many different cities that's just the way that I did it but I had no creative outlet I didn't I wasn't creating I wasn't recording my journeys it was just like party time you know just getting out there seeing seeing what's out there meeting people and still traveling you know a little bit but I really wasn't documented in it at all that's why I call it the Dark Ages is just black I didn't do anything productive this is when YouTube came along so I sold that van I bought a Class B Motorhome which is basically a van that had a shower sink toilet bed stove had everything you needed to live and then I started from Indiana and I was going to go to Southern California and then go up to Alaska because I always wanted to go to Alaska I have no idea why at first is kind of the fishing but other than that I knew there was a lot of good fishing up there it's about it it's the only thing I really knew about Alaska is somewhere I wanted to go and I was going to take this van there with these vans there's some mechanical problems you have to take care of and I found that out the hard way while on the road so I just kept throwing money at this thing I maxed out my credit card by the time I got it figured out my credit card was maxed out in Arizona and that's where Miss G comes in I have experience working at the bar obviously so they were hiring at the time and I I got a job as be there for two or three weeks just enough to get to Southern California and then go go north and I was living out of the van in a parking lot next to the bar actually next to ASU and then it's just kind of small things kept happening one time the bar back got got sick and the managers knew I had experience they threw me in there during st.

Patrick's Day and I made six hundred twenty dollars in one shift and then I'm like hey you want to still bar back I was like well I do have about seven thousand dollars with a credit card debt maybe I'll stick around a little bit longer and that lasted for about nine months I stayed in Arizona longer than I've ever stayed in one place my entire life and then YouTube started because I finally got an iPhone I got a 3G so that's one of the old-school iPhones you can see the great quality there that we had with with that iPhone but it was the first time that I had a way to show my travels I had a video outlet a way to record it and it was very exciting for me this is before YouTube is what it is today there was no monetization you had to have 600 subscribers to have a monetized account there was no way I was ever getting 600 subscribers ever so it wasn't even even anything about the monetization I just wanted to find a way to share my travels and I finally finally found one so after Arizona the this tone of the channel how the channel win it wasn't just about me you know just tell them people hey you can live in a van you can do this you could travel if you want to like it's really up to you you have to make it happen it went from that to telling a story about a couple that's traveling together in in a vehicle that's going out and doing different things so the story went from Chris travels to Chris and G travels and that was a big transformation that's when the channel started growing more because I would literally just kind of show some small stuff maybe some fishing and then it went from actually having a personal approach to it like actually showing our struggles showing what it's like trying to travel and trying to live full-time and it started gaining momentum and it was a very interesting time so this is out of the Class B Motorhome in Alaska this is on the way back to to Anchorage so we would have this camper van we would work you know five or six days a week then we go travel one one day time and this is when marketing came into play so this is Denali or Mount McKinley whatever you want to call it here I worked for haulin American princess in Alaska and they have what they call excursions and people that are doing cruises up there they can fly around McKinley they can do whitewater rafting they can you know go horseback riding in the woods they can do whatever they want to do but since I worked for Holland American princess I got a discount I got space available friends and family got 75% off I had a decent Nikon camera I told the guy at the front desk who I found out who was in charge I was like man I'd really like to shoot this video and put it on my youtube channel but we can't afford to get my grandma or my girlfriend on so I guess we'll just catch you later I mean I said in other ways but that was the gist of the conversation and he started asking about the channel I saw a little bit of change in his in his eyes and it's telling towards me and I was like yeah so we have this channel it's about traveling in Alaska we show what people can do when they're up here and long story short everybody got on the flight for free and this is a photo from that flight and that was the first time where I started to see the channel had some marketing value we were able to get some pretty cool things or be able to do some pretty cool things just by shooting video that I wanted to do I wanted to shoot video of Denali because it's it's an amazing thing like that is a very beautiful mountain and we have like it was a single-engine you know five passenger plane this little plane you're flying around the the largest mountain in the Northern Hemisphere and got to do it for free just by shooting a video that I wanted to do you know is a real awakening for me it's such a great platform and the reason for that is is because everything comes from me on TV you never you don't really have a connection with the people that you're watching on TV but when people comment to me I always try and comment back as much as possible they email me I try and email back when they have questions you know it's just more of a personal relationship and the thing is I enjoy it I really do I love getting pictures we got a picture the other day of a young lady who bought her first RV and she tagged us on Facebook saying with without your videos I wouldn't have bought this RV so those are the things that we absolutely love like there's people out there like we think there's a movement out there people starting to realize they don't have to you know have all these possessions they can really go out there and enjoy life and do what they want to do and we're seeing that on on YouTube and we use YouTube for promotions when we do the woobox I make a quick video hey we're doing this this giveaway today we're doing a hardwired 50 50 amp unit be sure to sign up good luck everybody and that brings you down to our beam tech that is the website that we sell the the gear on and we're still expanding any time I find a company that I believe in that you know they have great reviews great customer service and I try and get companies made in America like other products are made in America or based out of the u.s.

Pretty much everything I sell on the site right now I believe is all based out every actual physical piece of equipment it's based out of the u.s. so I'm just very picky when it comes to it because you know I'm representing these companies through my Facebook so you have to be very careful with that and the reason why I don't do YouTube full-time and this is kind of like the underbelly of of YouTube is there is a lot of negativity with with certain people like commenters on on YouTube it doesn't like a big I'd a big deal but like I said earlier like me growing up positivity is something that I absolutely thrive on negativity drives me absolutely nuts I cannot stand negativity I like literally one of my sayings is it could always be worse like gee knows when something's going on the RV we're stuck in the middle of nowhere we we can't get out of there I'm like it could always be worse because the fact matter is it could always be worse but with YouTube they do it on purpose and it's because of money so what they do is when people get in little arguments on the comments section of YouTube YouTube is making money because what happens is you get an email saying somebody replied to you that you're spaten back and forth with you go back like you press that link it goes back to the video the video plays again that ad plays again so the creators making money and YouTube's making money again I'm pretty sure I know a couple creators that actually they make separate accounts cuz on YouTube you can have separate accounts you can make different screen names on one account go to their comments section and rile it up so they they start commenting back and forth of people and like saying oh you don't know what you're talking about or if this guy did this you know they just kind of create the drama in the in the comments section make some more money and then they get more comments on their channel you know so that's the one thing with YouTube right now that I absolutely like that's the main reason why I don't want to go full-time with YouTube because I don't want to be part of something that is doing that and that's a slippery slope from there because if they're willing to make more money off their creators like being stressed out about summer not enjoying something that's something that I don't want to be a part of so that's something with YouTube that's a little bit off and that's why I originally started doing are being tech or pushing more for are being tech I said before we can go from our be show to our V show and sell gear and then possibly do presentations on different gear and then get a different revenue from that it's always good to diversify you know have different buckets out there to catch all the little raindrops for it for revenue because we also do affiliate websites on Amazon so you can set up affiliate websites and I did one called tiny home guide as I said before meetin dr.


Sweet Ananda Shawn's been a absolute blessing to the channel so the metaphor I use esterday was my goals were right here and I was taking the path to go all the way around I was really stubborn about things and then after talking with his Sean and dr. sweet and they really kind of guided me to where I needed to go to get to my goals and since working with them the channel went from when I first met dr. sweeten the channel went from 31.5 thousand subscribers to 48.5 and the the facebook that was the big links I didn't want to play their games at first it went from seven hundred likes on our page to 5.2 I think it's 5.3 now we're getting about a hundred hundred twenty likes per week on that now instagrams been growing lovely miss ji will be in charge of the Instagram snapchat Pinterest on the way up we hope to provide content every single day on the way up to Alaska and while in Alaska and then with with Twitter once I started retweeting once I started actually posting on Twitter instead of just linking everything to Twitter its doubled in a very short amount of time so like I said before meeting dr.

Sweet and I was adamantly opposed to Facebook I had no future plans for social media like I literally knew numbers were good but I had no idea how to utilize them in the right way so just working with with a Shawn talking to him like I talked to Shawn on the phone 15 times since August and emailed dr. sweeten back and forth and that's the only communication we had and they helped me you know get a lot of this done I had no positive creative influence like Shawn's a workhorse very hard worker and I had no idea how to promote business via social media I hadn't know like I said before I had no real way of using social media as a tool I knew the numbers were good I knew how to tag some stuff but I until working with Shawn here I really didn't see the the overall value of the of the social media platforms but now I'm really starting to see it and it's it's very very powerful so lessons learned this is lessons that I've learned not even working with the Shawn and dr.

Sweeten this is my own you know last two or three years working with the channel the lessons that I've learned is dealing with different companies and different businesses clients will be resistant to change first time I talked to a Sean one of the first times he told me about the website that I built myself on WordPress was gonna have to be changed I have many hours and hours and hours of work on that website and at first like no man I'm not doing that and then I we got off the phone and I called him back about 15 minutes later and I was just like okay let's let's do the new website because in my own dealings with different companies say progressive industries at first you know the people up top they might be a little resistant to different things and you have to kind of show them you know different angles and how it works sighs like okay he knows what he's talking about let's let's let's do what you're talking about and then a majority of owners they won't appreciate understand social media you're in a very interesting situation right now because what you're learning is a whole new genre that a majority of business owners right now do not understand they built this business from way back in the day they don't understand social media they don't understand the importance of it they don't understand how it works but what they do understand is what they've been doing for the last 20 or 30 years has worked but that is the basic breakdown of what we've been doing so with with us it's it's just trying to find ways to to do what we love but at the same time make some money like for me the the overall profit of things is not really that important at all and I really honestly be that like money I wish money wasn't a thing you know but what I what I did was there was no job for me out there as like a digital entrepreneur when I first started this I had no idea that YouTube was gonna take off I had no idea that I'd be able to work with these companies so I basically made my own you know position out there just to make enough money to actually do what I love to do and that's to travel to meet new people and to see new things because we get to do things that are you know just absolutely ridiculous like traveling the RV we were at a spot in the Oregon coast where we parked right on the right on the side of the ocean at an overlook it was $10 a night to park there and during sunset we'd go up to the top of the RV sit on the RV and drink beer and wine and watch the sunset and it cost us including our food for the day we went to the coffee shop got some internet we spent $16 that day for everything now if you guys take that situation and you were doing your digital marketing you can literally do that anywhere like you are just you were incredibly lucky to be in this situation right now at this current time when everything is opening up because I would absolutely kill to go back to my college days and instead of just finishing with with a major that I did if I actually knew what I knew now I'd go back and do what you're doing I'd do some sort of graphic design digital marketing because it really opens up your world to do anything you want to do and it goes back to that that old twenty thousand days you know saying because once you get that reality that you don't have unlimited time in this world and I think that's what a lot of people miss out on and they find out too late once they're old and retired they've been saving their entire lives to go out and travel or do what they want to do and then their body can't keep up or they they weren't able to save or some medical emergency happen and they weren't able to do what they wanted to do like we get that all the time on the channel like the the best comments are the ones where people say you really motivated here's the RV that we just got thank you so much we also get comments hey I couldn't travel because I waited too long and something happened but at least I get to travel vicariously through you you know so keep that in mind that tomorrow is never ever ever guaranteed thank you