June 20, 2021


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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of these six person descent shipping storages today i’m going to take you behind the scenes of a accumulation that generated over 400 000 with a single commodity let’s hop-skip right in what’s up everyone my call is john and welcome to the creed. as you all know no one’s gonna fall along unless they view some proof so let’s hop into the computer let’s show you all some proof so here we are here’s the accumulate that we’re going to be going through i’m going to quickly update this so that it starts for the time period because i work this produce for quite a while for all the way from september all the way up till december we’re going to uncheck that stumbled applyand as it consignments you’ll see it comes through 400 000 importance of marketings with one single make and this is all real there’s my name up there nice and glistening and that is the proof that you guys need to follow me along in this video make my advice and push your business to the next position okay so we’re in my first computer andas you can see here the first thing we’re going to go overis the store and commodity setup so with this particular product and with all of my makes when i got do descent carrying actually i always sell in a general store so the reason why i do this is because it gives you the ability to test several different products without having to go out and modify up your accumulate scheme switch things around it gives people the ability to truly experiment and learn with several different products without putting yourself in a specific niche or with one single commodity putting so much time into developing different stores this product in particular solves a big problem now whenever i do a concoction i always look for two major things and that is does it solve a problemand does it have the potential for multiple line-ups these are two hugethings because when it solves a problem there’s a highlikelihood that someone’s gonna have that problemsee your product this as the answer and they’re gonna go out there and buyit the second thing is if it has the sorrythe potential for having multiple orders what this isgonna do is it’s gonna bring up your median dictate appreciate which will make it alot easier to scale out have productive ads and altogetherpush your product to a different level increased require average prescribe valueis massive when you are creating out a concoction i knew this concoction while scrollingfacebook i symbolize everyone like no one’s listening to me i know no one’slistening to me and i need you all to start listening to meone of the best ways to do concoction research isgoing on facebook going on instagram and looking for productsthis is so good because what you can do is you can find commodities that arealready doing really well and then once you make those productsyou then have what’s called procure data to locate your decision off ofif you don’t have stick data you are quite literally winging it ifyou consider someone else doing really good with the concoction this makes it’s securedata that be interpreted to mean that the produce is already doing well for someone else andit can do really well for you too well hold up one second as you allknow on every single one of my videos i do offera free consultation call to one luck winner all that you need to do toenter to earn is observation down below welcome to the creed give this video athumbs up and thumped that red button become a memberof the tenet and you’ll be entered in to win that call and thewinner from the last video is simon bush simon wussi’m gonna applied this boaz boss i’m gonna made this up there allyou need to do is extend witnes the link to my instagram down below transmit me a messageand we’ll connect for a bawl so as we come along potential formultiorders i went over that perfectly one of the greatest thingsconsumable this is huge too if you can have aconsumable product so something that the customer will use and then afterthat they’re gonna need more this ties into multi orderings so typicallyif it’s consumable commodity “the consumers ” most likely is gonna buymore than one because they know in their brain i’m gonna run out so i’m gonna needanother one so they’ll typically buy more than onethis also gives you the ability as i show herefor repeat customers and this is really cool and bigwhen it comes to building out a label if you miss repeat customersgive them a produce that they’re going to want to come back forso not easily found in stores this is big toobecause if it’s easily found in a place beings will have ascertained it on shelvesand truly it just kind of loses that wow factorthen parties are just kind of like oh like i could just pop over to walmartand get this like why would i wait for shipping all this trash likeit basically takes away that need and that scarcity factorwhich gets the people while in they freak out when there’s that scarcitythey’re like i require it i crave it no one else can get this i want itand it creates hurry and it manufactures them want to buy a bit fasterum low cost of goods with a good break evenroads so these two tied together and that’s why i set them in one pointand this ties into what i was talking about before other storewas scaling it so this is proof of concept proof of data mostly showingif another collect is scaling out a concoction and you can gocheck and see their ads and see how many ads they’re creatingif you see that they’re creating several new ads for this productthat means they’re scaling out the make and if they’re scaling out theproduct i’m gonna share something with you allit’s working that’s how it operates if they’re scalingout the make that wants the products workingwill it work for you no this does not mean 100 it will work for you sometimes first to grocery audiencesalways work better than person that’s coming second to marketbut you still want to try it because the likelihood of you replacing is muchhigher when someone else is already succeedingmoving along the initial facebook ad setup so mostly what idid for the ads is i just disappeared and i took times from the competition and fromyoutube and i will always be an advocate of this iwill ever recommend this go out find your competition’s ads start minoradjustments and start passing those ads you don’t want to choose ads or videosor photos or whatever it is that aredifferent from what’s already working because then you’re altering a funnelthat is already proven what you want to do is you want to take a established conceptso a establish move what this other business is usingand build upon it you don’t want to recreate what’s already workingand this also comes into play with the retargeting consequence that i talk about inmy facebook ads tutorial video which i highly recommend you all watch because igo in depth like crazy on that video but with theretargeting result basically what it is to summarizeis if you create an ad very similar to the one that’s already running and doinggood for this other business what’s going to happen is thesecustomers “il be seeing” the ad and in their spirit they don’t really pay muchattention they’re going to think oh this is the same product from the samecompany and you’re going to get these warmtraffic patrons that have already seen the adsfrom the other business and this will automatically give your ads what’scalled a retargeting effect so this will give you the ability to buildout a commodity quicker too get those initial marketings on theback of the person that’s already scaled upthe product because you’re then working with their warm patrons instead ofbuilding out your own cold gatherings this is gold you guyslisten to this this is gold you’re building out warm publics which ishuge when starting out with a commodity immediate transitionhighlight mixtures right away switch to custom content onceproducts proven this really you unquestionably want to do because it’sgoing to give you that uniqueness and it’s going to take awaythe retargeting effect for parties that may be using my policies out thereum so mostly what you want to do is you want to go out and start creatingcustom content now that you’ve already exerted the other ads from the otherbusiness and gotten the initial friction now youcan start creating your own ads and improving out your own gatherings butfrom the beginning you just wanted to travel the back of the otherbusinesses gatherings short ads 20 to 30 seconds you don’twant them to be too long for two main reasons people’s attentionspans is very very small very small so 20 to 30 seconds and thesecond reason is when you’re building out your lookalike audiencesif you do 95 video of you 75 video of youand you have a minute and a half ad most people will not even reach that amountof video of you so you’re restrict your gatherings to such a small amount sokeep your video ads extremely very short i edited consuming final trimmed pro but thereare definitely other options out there forediting your videos ever begins with two innovatives minimumso when i say innovatives for those of you that are super newthat means your actual ad mimic so the vid video or photo that’s showingand i say ever begins with two because facebook optimizesin the weirdest roads you never know what it’s gonna doso are you gonna establish it two alternatives because one dayit might repute oh video number one is great the next day it might be like ohvideo number two is great and then by day like four it’s going tobe like video number 1 all the way privilege soyou never genuinely know because it’s forecast it out as it goes tooso you want to give it a couple different options and the differencescan be so tiny so literally converting the firstthree to four seconds at the onset of the videowith that initial hit simply converting the initial fix and that can be your twodifferent video simulates that’s it so two minimum two creativesminimum propelling the products so datacollection and broad-spectrum targeting so basically when i was coming throughwe’ll hop over here to my other computer to show you some numerals sothis make actually started back in precisely septemberin 2019 and we’re into december now now um and mostly within thefirst week so the 18 th to the 24 th we’ll smack applyso within the first week 4 600 was made and what i did what i wasbasically kind of experimenting with this i actually aimed up scaling outinto five different ad notes which was way too excessive but i waslike you know what let’s push the limits let’s see what’s possibleso i was scale out into different ad notes to see if each individual adaccount actually play-act differently but that was anexperimentation that i only recommend if you have a bitof money to blow so we’ll hop into the main ad account now and as you can seewe were spending quite a bit of money in this one then even more in this oneand then even more in this one so when it comes to data collection youbasically want to start off with the interestads and meet where those go and while you’re doing this you’re basicallytrying to expand and encounter the interests that work the bestand collect data on what your ideal customer ismass interest targeting with innovative optimization soseveral different interests you’re trying to narrow down to themain interests that people have their agetheir demographics um their their gender their platformall of these different things this is what you’re trying to narrow down as youdo this massive wide pour targeting and since you’redoing it so massive and so wide but you’re using heated audiencesfrom this other business what’s gonna happen is you’re actuallytossing a very wide funnel but the people that are coming into itare already warm traffic which is so uniqueand so potent data analysis and interest breakdown so when launchingthe concoction you want to analyze your data as you go alongbecause what you’re able to do is break down your interests so you can breakthem down by scaffold you could break them down byage gender um and then you could break them down by several different thingsbut those are the main three that you would want to do right off the at-bat andbasically what you’re going to do is you’re going to break them down based onthe information that you obtain and that’s why collecting data is soimportant from the start building out paragon purchaser biography soi take this to an extreme because i’m just a little bit of a crazy when itcomes to ads but i actually create a persona of my idealcustomer so i’ll write it down so i’ll be likethis ideal customer her referred is jane and then beyond that i’ll be likeshe’s generally age like 30 to 45 and i’ll be like jane likes theseinterests and i’ll keep all the interest and then i’ll be likejane’s typically on facebook or james often on instagramand i generate this ideal customer biographyand mostly what this does is it gives me a good understanding of exactly who’sinterested in my produce and then i can choose interestsbased on a jane that’s that age that likes thesethings that’s a female that’s on facebook normallyand then you can go and you can kind of think about jane’s that you’ve met inyour life and you can be like oh you know what i think like jane wouldactually like this and it helps so much and this is whatcomes down to the the threetier targeting sequence that i talk aboutthe third rank is going through and targeting peoplebased on your ideology patron and you want to go through and find interestthat would appeal to a jane and to do that you need to know what ajane is which entails collecting the data to build that plan customerlaunch uh the launching for testing the product and building the dataokay so scaling into lookalikes and pinteresthorizontal scale so basically when it comes to scalinginto lookalikes what you’re going to want to do is transitionfrom your interest ads while still doing thoseand start doing some lookalikes based off the data that you haveso when we come into here i’m gonna go over tothis um week number one so week number one which was this1 8th to the 24 th that’s basically all of your interesttesting uh we haven’t gotten into lookalikes more so what we’re gonna do iswe’ll go over here and we’ll go to the the next week sothe next week would be the 25 th to the firstso the 25 th to the first let’s see what we got going in here so we got a couplegoing on in here basically what i was doing is i wasactually playing around with a marry different things at this stage so as youcan see here i was i was playing around with the topcustomers so at this extent i had already accumulated what i thought was enough datato start building up top customer audiences with perfectly nointerest targeting so all that i did was the top countries the topages the top genders in the top stage and then i just let facebook do itthing and as you can see it was getting some decent roads and this was in thesecond week we’ll go into this ad account becauselike i said i scaled into several different ad details like like a crazyman um so this second week was the 25 th tothe first and we’ll disappear see what’s going on in thisone so coming through now here’s all the lookalike publics sowe’ll go by acquisitions and as you can see i was hopping intothe lookalike audience is getting really really nice return on ad spendand i plainly started off with video viewlook likes right off the bat and that gave me the ability to buildout more data and eventually gave my pixel the ability to actually get areally good results with these weird interests or sorry withthese weird noninterest targeting um traditions where i was just goingafter my ideal customers so i started off with data collection weeknumber two i went into lookalike gatherings and as you can seewe’re continuing the building out process step by stepand this is why i wanted to show you guys all this process with this productbecause i didn’t scale out like crazy what i was doing is i wasexperimenting and testing while doing it particularly very slowly which ishow you all should be doing it until you’re at the moment where you havea ton of money to precisely propel at a productand flake out aggressively fast this is the proper way of doing itwhen you’re starting out and you’re trying to scale your first productsso continuing to build out the tritarget sequenceas we go along i never stopped contributing interestfor four months i was adding interest by the end of it i was just putting inrandom interest because i was running out of interest so you always want to beadding in brand-new interests and cycling out the age-old ones and why doyou do this because you’re targeting different pockets of peopleand it’s going to build out your standard purchaser demographicand that’s going to benefit all of your other ads including your lookalikeaudiences so con continue the try targetsequencing establish the 95 video contemplate lookalikeaudiences if your video is a little bit longer so let’s say it’s past 30 secondswhich i is not recommend but if it is and you have totry doing 75 video end audiences because 95 will be too smallnarrow down your interest ads so this is the point where week number two you’renarrowing down your interest ads and you’re break-dance them down byplatform senility gender and all of those things those arethe three main though that you’re going to want to do right off the batso you’re shrinking those down because what you’re going to do is you’re goingto get a little bit more targeted and you’re going to get a little bit moredata on exactly what ages what genders andwhat pulpit perform the best do standard patron data and use forpinterest ads so when i say scaling horizontally into pinterest adswhat you want to do is you want to use uh crossplatform promotions sobasically what this does is let’s say you have jane she’s on facebookshe sees your ad and she’s like oh that’s a cool produce but thenshe doesn’t buy she goes over to pinterest and boom there’s your productagain she’s like oh my god what’s going onthese people are crazy they’re in my top and we are we’re in their headsthat’s what we time that’s what we do as business owners so now she’s onpinterest she sees the ad and because the ad targeting is basedoff the ideal customer data that came from facebookshe got targeted if i don’t base my ads for pinterestoff the ideal customer data that i have from facebook it’s going to be verybroad and the chances of jane getting hitare very small but since i’m basing it off of all this information that i’vecollected now jane’s getting hit by my regular adsand what i likewise do is called craft cross platformretargeting this is very powerful very and i always show specially if youraudience is females setting up crossplatform retargeting onpinterest and precisely in general setting upretargeting funnels on google for parties that are lookingfor your business reputation or the product associated with yourbusiness name because this will give you a great retargeting funnelset up basic retargeting moves that i just went overcrossplatform retargeting is huge massive money makerit’s a little bit more complex so from the start obviously exactly set up yourbasic facebook and instagram retargeting funnelsbut i will try to get around to a video on doing google and pinterestcrossplatform retargeting moves just for all of you too at some pointweak stats converted to usd so this is the really cool part because i’m givingyou guys all a outage of everything that gone on so you actuallycan comprehend and have a good understandingof where the money is going what the money is doing what’s going on with theads all of this different stuff so in here i put weekly stats converted tousd because my ads manager i’m in canada so my adsmanager is in canadian dollars so all of theseamounts right here are all actually in usd i did the conversion so just to makethings a little simpler everything when we’re in this computeron this chart is in usd but over here in my ads manager all ofthese lists are actually in canadian butdon’t even worry about that because exactly focus on this little chart right hereit gives you all the numbers so we’re gonna go through thisby week for an entire month because by the end of the month i had made ahundred thousand dollars and that’s what this video is all abouthow to take a product from zero to one hundred thousand dollars smoothlyproperly and give you the back end understandingso week number one was data collection as you can seetotal amount of sales was 4 600 approximately ad devote was 1600 the costs of goods was 976. Excuse me dollars and the profit loss for the weekwas a total net profit of 2038 so a total profitduring the data collection test quite happy about thatso as i mentioned if you’re positive within the testing time that isbeautiful if you break even that’s okay and if you’re negativeprobably a good sentiment to discontinue the concoction so here we are we’re positive and thisis why i push hard-bitten with that make so week number one wasdata collection as you can see here we did 4 600 for the data collectionstage with a neat gradual raise and a little hiccup now so something happenedwith the ads where ads were getting disabledand ads weren’t getting approved and that’s why there’s that hiccup so justgiving you all an understanding of what actuallyhappens when going through this process week number two so scaling into looklike gatherings and doing pinterest publics based offmy ideal clients so scaling over crossplatform publicities and alsoscaling into lookalike audiences based on video looks so video views is alwaysstage one of your lookalike audiences as you cansee here week number two 1700 for 17 400 in sales6 500 in ad expend cost of goods was 4 600 with a total net profit of 6200 so asyou can see not big increases in the net profitsand that’s because this is a smooth scaleso we are increasing the net profits but it’s not drastic it’s nothing crazy sototal net profit is 6200 we’ll pop over here week number two wasthe 25 th to the first so we’ll affect apply and asyou can see here total net profits 17 400 came throughand we’re continuing the gradual scaling process dealt with thatissue with the ad and now we’re continuing alongas you can see here it’s not a straight steady line up there’s kind of likegoing up kind of flattening out go kindof flatten out and why this happens and i’m trying togive you all behind the scenes to improve understanding of anactual product that’s scaled to four hundred thousand dollarsit never departs straight up mostly what happens is you goup and then you poise things out and figure out what’s working cut out thebad ones duplicate the good ones increasewhatever you got to do with all the good onesand then you increase and come up again and then you balance out so there’salways going to be that kind of step it’s like a stairs sothat’s what you’re gonna examine going on here except for the little hiccups wherethings went wrong so week number three this is creativeoptimization optimization and place one vertical sailing so verticalgoing straight up to the top and artistic optimization mostly meansthe two creatives “that were” exerting we’ve now identified which one operates thebest and we’re gonna start cycling in somenew creatives with the ones that we got made and startdoing some custom content so week number three is custom contentand cycling in better innovatives while still maintaining the ones that arealready there so when you cycle into innovative basicallywhat you want to do is you want to give the innovative that’s already there andthat’s working and all you do is just supplemented a newcreative do not go and try to duplicate the ad set andstart doing brand-new imaginatives just throw in the new oneand that’s the best way to go facebook will ever optimize on the back endyou’re good to go facebook’s got you sometimes not all thetime so week number three thirty six thousandfour hundred in marketings ad expend was fourteen thousand cost of good was ninethousand six hundred and this is cost of goods with sending so basically thetotal cost of goods and the profit and loss for the week wasa total net profit of twelve thousand seven hundred dollars so net profitmeans complete money in the bank account all outlays paid i didn’t include appfees or va costs in this actual chart because ididn’t have room but they are included in here so that’s the totalthat’s the total cost mostly so you’re making a reasonable net profiton week number three of 7 12 dollars so continuing along let’s seewhat’s going on here so this was week number three which was thesecond to the eighth um so the second to the eighth week numberthree thirty six thousand four hundred dollarsmade and as you can see here this is where things started to go wrongso nice gradual mount coming up now and then boom things wentwrong so what actually culminated up happening hereand this is the hiccups that can happen as you’re building out a productbuilding out of business so mostly what facebook decided isthat my triumph ad “re no longer” abiding by their policieseven though it had been approved it had been reviewed facebook was okaywith it for as you can see already here for three weeksand abruptly they’re like no we don’t want that one anymore soboom they chopped that one out and automatically here i was i was like ohmy god i already had new inventive cycling in soit was able to balance out a little bit faster butif i hadn’t already been in stage three so week number three cycling and newcreatives i would have had to quickly create a newcreative toss it in there and expressed the hope that it labor buti was already at a extent where i had already started cycling these in so itbalanced out quite well week number four washorizontal vertical balancing and data testing sothis is basically horizontal horizontal balancing meansmaking sure that you’re going for higher net profitsas opposed to time gross profits so instead of just trying to see hugenumbers on the day you’re actually just trying to manufacture hugenumbers on the day so this is why you’re going to see that it actually balancesout instead of increasing and continuing because i wasfinding the ads that were working best chopping out all the bad onesand just trying to balance everything out instead of continuingup so week number four forty thousand dollars in salesads invested eighteen thousand four hundred cost of goods ten thousand seven hundredand a total net profits of eleven thousand one hundred so as you can seehere we went down in net profits so eleventhousand dollars on the week instead of twelve thousandbut this is because i’m matching out so i’m chopping out a ton of data ad setsto made to ensure that i’m getting a higher net profit marginsas we move along so by week four it’s no longer vigorous uphill scalinginstead it’s replication the prevailing ads to higher funds because they’vealready been proven and at this level you’re going togradually is on the rise your net profit margins instead of your grossprofit margins so if that represents sense if it doesn’t croak look up what net andgross profit margins mean so that’s weeks all summing-up up so you canget a good understanding of behind the scenes and everything that’s going oni’m going to show you over here week number fourwhich was the 9th to the 15 th so we’ll continue the 9thto the fifteenth strike apply and forty thousand dollars so as you can see herethe dip was back there right so the immerse happenedand as “youre seeing” continued scaling up and then poised out so matching outright so there was a little bit of magnitude upand that’s because i was increasing the budgets on the winningads so when they’re initially increased i’m just figuring out which ones willactually work with the increased higher budgetand then formerly i find that out as you can see tenthone two three so three days later i was like okay these ones aren’tworking let’s chipped these ones and then let’s leave the rest and balance it outand continue it along so that’s an part month with a totalamount of income so this is from the 18 thto the 15 th total income of 98 000 so merely shy of 100 000 and the reasonfor that is because as you can see here this dipright here that was when facebook decided to sayyou know what john screw you being they just shambled with meso that’s just what happens with the business you just gotta abode itand thrust beyond it so that’s all those weeks compute creative setupalways begins with two creatives and sure the first three seconds catches theviewer so fix layering and videos rob layering imentioned this when creating video ads a secure at thebeginning and a secure at the end minimum and then certainly you want totoss a knot of a bunch of hits throughout the entiread even if one creative does better leave both active and this comes back tobecause facebook will sometimes optimize for the secondcreative you could have a innovative that’s playing improbably well sovideo number one is doing incredibly well for five daysbut then suddenly daytime six and date seven facebook’s like video number two isbetter and then it starts optimizing for videonumber two so always leave both even if one’s acting better do notcut the second one you want to always have a minimum of twoactive innovatives this is very important especially forthe reason that i just registered you actually because sometimes one creativewill only cut off and if you don’t have another creativerunning all of your ads stop but if you have another innovative runningthe ads keep going the most wonderful innovative is the one that drivesthe most action so when you think about a funnelyour ads purpose your ads only purpose is to get the customer from the ad toyour commodity page so you just wanted to make sure that you’regoing based on the one that’s performing the bestfor up pour activities so if you’ve got one that’s doing a lot of purchasesbut it’s doing less concoction liquidate or less sheet viewsthat still is the better creative because it’s a higher funnelaction that’s doing better but of course you want to base this off solid amountsof data if you have one purchase that’s notenough data to cornerstone your decisions off each inventive might optimize differentlyfor each interest this is another reason why you want to have twocertain interests video number 1 might do better whereas with that sameinterest video number two might not do as wellbut then on another one another interest unexpectedly video number two does best soit’s like different gatherings act based ondifferent creatives and this is why you always want to give them a coupledifferent options horizontal scaling so you don’t want to vertical scaleuntil you have all lower pour llas set up sowhen i talk about lower move llas it’s kind of hard for me to explain here buti’m going to quickly show you okay so if you go to my instagram and goclick on the link it says free facebook template what that’s gonna do is it willbring you to this page on my personal website where you can actually put inyour email and get this template that i’m about toshow you okay so if you go through and you gotthat template all you got to do is just put in your email and i will send youaway this is basically what it will look likeand when i’m referring to lower end llas these are the ones that i’mreferring to so your video thoughts your page viewsvisitors by time spent instagram post saves facebook engagementinstagram action and then these ones over here are yourupper end funnel llas so your add to cart yourinitiate checkout and your acquisition and this facebook template that i’mgiving away free of charge i will likewise leave the link down below inmy bio uh to send you to the website to getthat for free it actually gives people the ability totrack all the information obtained so that you know exactly which audiences you’vealready caused so you don’t get sown and lost andstart creating duplicates of ones that you don’t want to create duplicatesof so this is a very powerful spreadsheet that i’mgiving to you all for free because i am just such a nice guywhen i say duplicate ad designates to higher budgets this starts for both interestad positions and look like ad situateds and i want you to go through and repeat themto higher funds do not just increase their budgetsi’ve tried both and every single time replicas of the ad set to a higherbudget work better any time i’ve tried toincrease the budgets even by the small amounts that are recommended by facebookit simply forms a headache and for some reason facebook only cannot figure itout and the pixel cannot figure it out and itmesses up the optimization even when i do small increases soi always say duplicate these to higher plans that wants taking the ad setduplicating it and increasing the budget nice and simplevertical scaling should only be done on proven gatherings so this intends audiencesthat have an actual establish record showingthey have a good amount of buys two acquisitions does not mean to say that audience isproven if it has let’s say 10 to 15 buys then iwould potentially practically vertically scale thatand increase its budget but beyond that everyone is you want to do is horizontallyscaling and what you can actually do is takethat audience and precisely duplicate it a pair ages at the exact same budgetand try to find ones that act better because there’s several differentpockets in each gathering so the ecom creedfacebook employers radical i wanted to bring this up to all of you because as i’mmoving along and i’m sharing more content that is incredibly valuebut too most complex right going through the backend pours andunderstandings of a four hundred thousand dollar one make storeis quite complex for a lot of people and this is why i wanted to bring this up sothe e concrete facebook employers radical i’m gonna leave the linkdown below i want you all to go and join that group because i’m going tobe in there i’m getting a lot of dms a lot of facebook meanings from peopleasking questions but it’s not benefiting anyone else meanswering the questions in these private messages so what i want you todo is go join the facebook surmounts radical this is where i’m gonna ask allquestions that you have in regards to these videos so ifyou’re ever like oh my god that didn’t really make sense that was thatwas amazing john four hundred thousand dollars likegreat but i didn’t understand it this is where i want you to goask the questions this is in the facebook employers radical i’m going to alsoseparate these different questions into different topics and modulesso that you don’t have to actually go and look for these questions that peoplehave already asked you can just go find the topicand get your answer right away so i’m going to try to separate thisand make it all super clean i’m also going to add a resource sectionthat has things like that facebook template that i justshowed you that i’m going to give you all free of charge and this will help you pushyour business to the next height so free resources topic modulesand me personally in there asking questionsthis is what everyone else is paying for in routes and i’m giving it all to youall for free so make sure you go join thatecon creed lords group and if you reallyenjoyed this video and visualized the value that came from iti really appreciate it if “theres going” made that agree buttonand connect the credo it wants so much for me and pushes meto represent more content like this and push out more valueand push you all to that next stage if you have any questions or anything thatyou want me to shoot a video on any suggestions that kind of thing proceed leavea comment down below i’ll definitely try to get to that videoother than that you all know me i don’t accommodate anything backand i’ll see you all on the next video you