September 27, 2021


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How It Works: Torpedoes | World of Warships

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In the operating mechanism of todays episode We will tell you the most dangerous and effective ones in World of Warships One of the weapon typestorpedo There are two different types of torpedoes in our recreation: Standard and deep water torpedo The onetime cases damage to all types of sends The latter is different in its closer sensing compas And can only damage cruisers, fund carries and aircraft carriers Nonetheless, the ruin Asashio because Her deepwater submarine is impossible to hurt Capital carries and aircraft carriers are different Torpedoes are like HE shells Because they cause damage through explosive tides The tone of the warheads allows them to ignore any armor However, the armor shortens the damage caused by the torpedo This is why the bomber makes the segment Cause onesixth of the damage Plus onesixth damage to the hull Let’s display this Lets take Fuso as two examples No, let’s placed it aside for a while Let’s use Alabama A submarine from the British cruiser Minotaur affected the front end of Alabama It has 2,900 HP If the torpedo touches the front end of Alabama It will be destroyed 2,900 plus 7,755 HP is subtracted from the hulls HP kitty Total: 10,655 But we will see another figure in the game1 0,728 Where did the extra 73 HP come from? In fact, the torpedo has an effective explosion area in the shape of a cube Just like any HE shell The submarine cube is the size of the HE shell cube of the battleship The major difference is the torpedo cube Damage all carry accessories in its coverage area The injure depends on the overlapping capacity of the cube and the ship supplements Therefore, the maximum torpedo damage Is the damage to the ships parts and hull Add resources in the amount of the maximum damage caused by the explosion beckoned cube By the style, in addition to subtracting the HP of the vessel, Torpedo cubes can also cause damage to the ships accessories And can destroy them The first hit was the ammunition depot Engine chamber and steering gear However, other supplements may also suffer impairment Torpedo blast wave discounts any armor Each subsequent torpedo that affects the front end of Alabama Will exclusively induce half of the maximum damage to the hull Because the front end has been destroyed After the hulls HP has returned back to zero Any bomber that punches the front end of Alabama Won’t compel any suffering But this send will stay alive Because its backend The superstructure and turret still have health This is why in some very rare cases A destroyer can pick up five torpedoes at once with the front end and live Now tell us construe What would happen if Minotaur shelled a bomber at the side of Alabama The total injure in the middle armor zone is 8,250 That is the biggest damage Thats because of the lightning protection of the battleship It is a special structure of underwater ship supplementaries Can slacken the explosive force of the bomber And prevent it from destroying the most important compartment The figurehead and back end frequently do not have any lightning protection projections Thats why these areas suffer the most damage And all ships except ruins The central portion is equipped with lightning protection rhythm gears Alabama’s lightning protection container gear Ability to assimilate 49% of submarine damage This is why the armored area has suffered so little damage In fact the damage of the torpedo cube will likewise be counted You can go to the survivability sheet of the port See the lightning safety belly of your carry Ships with a reparation team recover their blood loss due to torpedoes In the same way as a cannonball It all depends on where the bomber punched Except for the armored zone All ship supplementaries All have the same coefficient of reinstatement When mentioning Alabama The coefficient is 0.5 And the armor zone coefficient is 0.1 Nonetheless, detonation detriment Does not dissolve the roster of unpleasant submarine slams Water intake check will move forward every time it is hit You is in accordance with our line In the next occurrence, learn how the existing mechanism operates And what you should do to reduce the risk of irrigate ingress Its time to subscribe to our channel and clink the buzzer So you wont miss the next video of our operating mechanism

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