June 20, 2021


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How You Can Make 2.7 Million In One Year Selling T-Shirts

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how do you move 2.7 million dollars in one year selling tshirts with “cat-o-nine-tails” on them online this guy did Justin Cena you’re about to find out how all right so Justin how the blaze did you reach 2.7 million dollars in 2015 selling tshirts with cats on it I’ll tell you it’s it’s actually super simple freedom you got any product I had cats right you have any product you got to match your produce to your customer so I experienced ways to take you know these really awesome cat makes I’m a “cat-o-nine-tail” chap I know what cat people want right oh my god I’m a problem guy I want to admit it right I’m proud cat person so right I wanted to go and find beings that are gonna buy my makes I just simply went on to some of the social networks did a little bit of investigating but a little bit of digging on Google to make sure that there’s demand and you know we all know there’s huge is asking for felines right cats control the internet so you know I knew there’s the man prove the demand and merely started going out there used a little bit of Facebook Ads super potent right now and all I did was like I said parallel concoction to customer so I don’t care if it’s a “cat-o-nine-tail” tshirt store I don’t care if it’s a dog tshirt store I don’t care if it’s a tennis tshirt store whatever you know you’re going to match your concoction up to the people that are erect your mostly your standard customer okay so the observer here has get this idea for a make to sell online they’ve been thinking about it for months or times but they don’t know where to start what is the first step first step prove the demand right you you are able to think it’s the best commodity in the world the best niche in the world but how do you are well aware right maybe you know you and James thinks it’s a great product but maybe though the rest of the internet doesn’t so you want to go prove there’s the man easy way to do that Google the Google Keyword planner basically tells you how many parties are searching for a devoted expression every month so you know you think you want to sell badminton shirts I think that’s going to work and you go and find out only what 20 beings search for then there’s no necessitate right you ascertain a hundred thousand people searching for it then you know you’re on to some so is gonna be the first step second step go into Facebook view what your friends are affixed about see what’s going on are people talking about badminton shirts maybe not you know if they’re not then you might want to pick another niche they’re certainly talking about “cat-o-nine-tails” are certainly talking about bird-dogs they’re certainly talking about video games tons of things that people are passionate about you want to find a product that you could hook into that fascination what’s the biggest mistake that parties offset when they’re first starting off trying to sell physical produces online yeah I see this over and over and its lack of niche focus right you want to go out there and you want to build an awesome accumulate and how you want to be the next Amazon you is intended to be the next Walmart that you know that’s not is going to happen right when you get started focus on one thing time one thing you know don’t get overwhelmed don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis I started with cats before that I induced the mistake of trying to do a general store with everything under the Sun it’s not going to happen you need to have the focus figure out what works and then you can go on to the next thing but captain one thing first all right so if you got a question for Justin or you’ve got a comment leave a comment below this video right now and if you have someone who’s been dreaming about a business share this video with them right now or label them and situated them on your Facebook wall Justin’s got a ton of knowledge where can we find more about you and learn more stuff about how to sell concoctions online sure I’m at Justin seen or si en er on every single social network so come back friend me on Facebook Instagram whatever I’m giving out free tips-off every single day super valuable material would love to interact with you guys yeah and there’s a association down below you can click on that make sure you leave a comment down below right now ask Justin a question follow me on snapchat which supposed to be here or now or here or here I’m not sure where it is but follow me on snapchat for daily videos and tips-off on how to live the good life see ya hi I’m James Swannack and thank you for coming in for watching this video if you’d like to check out another video from me you are eligible to just click here and subscribe

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