September 27, 2021


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My 12 Sources of Income at Age 29 (7 Figure Entrepreneur)

In this video, I’m going through my 12 sources of income at age 29! I’m a big believer of having multiple streams of income, and these are the things I do as an entrepreneur to make 7 figures per year.…

In this video, I’m going through my 12 sources of income at age 29! I’m a big believer of having multiple streams of income, and these are the things I do as an entrepreneur to make 7 figures per year. Open up a Wealthfront investment account today and get your first $5,000 managed for free:

I’ve been doing everything my entire life (hobbies, interests, etc) and this has extended into my work life as well. Building multiple income streams has been the best thing I have ever done. So this video will explain what I do as a solo entrepreneur and why I love it 🙂

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This is an update to my last income sources video, which became one of my most popular videos to date. In the last year, my income sources have changed (it’s always changing lol) and I’ve added a couple streams that I am very excited about, as well as doubled down on some of my previous income sources. This past year has without a doubt been the most transformational year of my life, and I learned so many things which I will share in this video. Even if you saw the last one, I think you’ll learn a lot of new stuff in this one. I detail each of my 12 income sources, how I make money, and how you can potentially do the same thing.

Here are the list of 12 income streams I currently have:

Real estate brokerage – Core Capital Realty
Amazon FBA: I sell things on Amazon that I private label
Affiliate marketing
Mortgages (Mortgage Loan Originator)
Photography (portraiture and grad shoots)
Adsense on YouTube
Brand deals and sponsorships
Course sales (6 Figure YouTube Academy)
Hustle Club (my free newsletter)
Consulting calls (1-on1)
Stock Portfolio & Cryptocurrency
Rental Income/Equity for my investment property

I go through each of these and show you how I do it!

I don’t want to get too emotional or sappy but I have a really clear purpose in life and with this channel. I want to inspire people to do things differently, chase after their dreams, and not be afraid to try everything. Each side hustle you do can be a stepping stone, and you shouldn’t view it as “oh I’m not going to do this forever, there’s no point in me doing it”. ALL of my income streams have built off one another and you will learn valuable lessons in everything you do, especially the failures.

I have failed more times than I can count and each time, I have learned things that have made my future businesses possible or succeed. Curate your own life, and work for yourself. The freedom and flexibility of being able to work at home has without a doubt been the best thing about being a solo entrepreneur. It’s amazing and I want all of you to try it.

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