October 27, 2021


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My Journey from $800 to $86,000 per Month [Millennial Entrepreneur]

In this video, I'm going to take you on my entrepreneurial journey for the last 7 years, as a millennial entrepreneur. I started off making $800 my first month out of college, and since then I've scaled my side hustles…

In this video, I’m going to take you on my entrepreneurial journey for the last 7 years, as a millennial entrepreneur. I started off making $800 my first month out of college, and since then I’ve scaled my side hustles and started new businesses that have grown my income a lot. My purpose is to give you the confidence to go out there and pursue your dreams, when society is set up to push you in another direction. If you watch until the end, I guarantee you’ll leave with many important takeaways that influence how you live your life.

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I’m still a solo entrepreneur, meaning I don’t run any big businesses or anything with employees. I do everything by myself (save for some independent contractors that help me every once in a while). And while the ultimate goal is to run a big business, this video should also show you that working for yourself can be enough. You don’t have the added stress of dealing with employees, and you truly are in control of your life. And it’s the perfect way to get started with being an entrepreneur, as you will learn valuable lessons along the way.

Some big tips:

Always look for opportunity – this is what I did after graduating from college
Luck is something you can create
Create passive income sources instead of always trading your time for money
Try all the side hustles you can
YouTube is a platform everyone should get on if trying to build a personal brand
A personal brand is a lot more powerful than most people think!
Use social media as a virtual mentorship

Although I’ve been into entrepreneurship since I was in middle school, I start the story after graduating from UCLA in 2014. I’ll take you through my side hustles, my failures, and how I was able to get by living in Los Angeles. Along the way, I sprinkle in a lot of takeaways that really impacted my life, and can impact yours as well.

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Hopefully, I’ll be able to address the following in this video:
How to become an entrepreneur
Tips and tricks for starting a business
Side hustles you can start in college
Solo entrepreneurship
Becoming an online entrepreneur
How to build a personal brand
How to build a YouTube channel
and a lot more!

Thank you for watching, and let’s start building your dream life! Like and subscribe if you’d like to see more informational videos from my channel 🙂



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