September 19, 2021


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The 6 Top Stocks to Buy and Hold FOREVER (2021)

In this video, I'm going through 6 TOP stocks to buy for long term growth. These are the best stocks to hold forever! Get the Motley Fool's "Top 5 IPOs of 2021" report for free: ► Get 2 Free…

In this video, I’m going through 6 TOP stocks to buy for long term growth. These are the best stocks to hold forever! Get the Motley Fool’s “Top 5 IPOs of 2021” report for free:

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I have always been a huge proponent of long term investing – AKA buying companies that are fundamentally strong that I truly believe in for the long term. I don’t day trade, swing trade, or sell within a year. 99% of my investments are held for at least a few years if not more, and that is the investing philosophy I stand behind.

Make sure to watch the full video to get an analysis of each company and what they have to offer! You’ll have a better understanding of each company, which is crucial before deciding to invest. I always tell people who are getting into investing, short term any great stock can fall. But in the long term, a great stock will always perform well.

So, I’ve done the research and I’ll share with you my findings, analysis, and opinions on each company. In this video, I go over a wide range of companies ranging from technology, to pharmaceuticals, to a customer relationship management company. These are the stocks to buy and hold forever in 2021.

Note – I have an interest in these companies. My recommendations are just a suggestion to do further research- I encourage you to do your own research about each company and make a decision for yourself, whether or not you want to invest in that particular company. This video should not be considered financial advice. Do NOT buy a stock just because it was on this video. This video is just my own analysis of 6 companies and the current news surrounding them. You must do your own research before considering investing in a company (I recommend 1 hour minimum research per company).

Also – if you want a more technical analysis, there are other channels that will dive deep into the numbers 🙂 I like to talk about the news and where the company lies in the industry.

Happy stock buying! Please be careful because many stocks are at all time highs, and as much as I’d love the momentum to keep carrying on, it can’t last forever. I can’t reiterate this enough, but index fund investing is the best way to invest for long term wealth (based on history), so if you can try and keep a small portion of your portfolio in individual companies.

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