September 27, 2021


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Toilet Paper Shortage? – 10 Ways to Wipe Your Butt For Free!

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If you don’t want to be a part of that panic and, too, you don’t want to continue wiping your as with your coin then this video is for you. And this is a matter of 10 ways of how you can wipe your laughingstock for free. Good day everyone. Rob Greenfield, now and I am in southern France. It’s just close to week 3 of the lockdown now and we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. For a lot of people the world is a drastically different situate then it was just a few weeks or a few months ago. A pile of people are rethinking everything…rethinking their lives and the acces the government has designed theirlives. So, today I want to talk about an interesting thing and that is toilet paper. You know, a lot of us actually invest a good amount of our hard given money on wiping our laughingstocks. Think about that for a second, we work at a profession, for many of us that we don’t like, we’d rather be doing something else, to make money to mop our buttocks. And it’s not a minimum amount of money.Over a lifetime some people spend thousands of dollars to obliterate their butts and their family’s ass. So let’s thinkabout this. How can we stop wiping our butts withour coin? And right now is a really important time to talk about this and the reason why is you’ve seen aisles of toilet tissue, the shelves of toilet paper, merely being vacated because of panic supermarket and panic buying.The thing is, this is not an isolated incident. The emptying of the shelves of toilet paper is something that has happened often when people are in panicsituations. It’s something that’s happened plenty of days in the past and it’s something that is likely to happen abundance of hours inthe future. If you don’t want to be a part of that panic, and likewise, you don’t want to continue wiping your laughingstock with your money, then this video is for you and this is a matter of 10 ways of how you can wipe your backside for free. And, an important part about this is not chopping down trees, the environmental impact of toilet paper ishuge! We chop down, probably, millions and thousand of trees per year. To prepare that toilet paper takes a huge amount of liquid to mill and to pulp those trees into bathroom tissue, a huge amount of electricity. Most of which is made from fossil fuels. And then to send this stuff all over the place takes more fossilfuels. So, lots of money, immense consume of environmental resources, and is your butt secure in a period like this if you are dependent on toilet paper? For some of us , no.First of all, how you can wipe your buttock free of charge, Number 1, my favorite, is stretch your own toilet paper. In Florida, where I lives and changed and foraged 100% of my food, I grew a bush announced Blue SpurFlower. The genus and species is Plectranthus Barbatus. Super soft! It was softer than anything you can buy at the store. It actually is in the slew household it is therefore has a wonderful mint smell. And I been a lot of parties affection their soak erases. Well I’ve got a special amaze for you if you loveyour sodden wipes.On a dewy morning, when the fog reconciles on that( bush ), it actually has these penalty fuzzs that bunker that humidity and turn it into a soaked lick. So you have toilet paper and moisten lick in one, depending on the day. You is likely to be even cloud the thing if you wanted to turn it into a soaking wipeon a baked period. Very strong, durable, and I actually found that I could pick them and designated them next to my toilet for up to a week with them still maintaining their sturdiness. And precisely a great size, very, about something like that, as the foliage. Not to mention that they attractpollinators. I had hummingbirds on my Blue Spur Flower and butterflies. I mean, we will be discussing a fantasyplant, here. But it’s not a fantasy it’sa real thing.Plectranthus Barbatus grows in about zones 8 through 10 so not the colderclimates. However, “theres plenty” of other toilet paper plants that can be grown in gardens or is growing wildly. Mullein is one of them and there is also Lamb’s Ear like the softness of alamb’s ear. There are many different seeds, you can grow them. If you go to toiletpaper I have registered the floras that you can grow and have information about the Blue SpurFlower. So, quantity 2, I am going to get into some ways to use water. Water, in some arranges, costs money so this isn’t technically completely free but it’s as close to free as is practicable. So, you have the bidet. This is something that millions of people around the world have used for a verylong time. A bidet squirts sea and cleanses without the need for toilet paper, without the need to wipe. Now if you don’t have a bidet, those probably rate a reasonable amount to get one set, the good news is there areother options.There are little groups that you can actually install right onto your lavatory that are very inexpensive that turn your regular old-fashioned flush toilet into a bidet. There are other options, more, though. The next alternative is called a bum gun. This is number 3. And it’s a little hoselike nozzle and you really scatter and it does the same job as a bidet but you actually have to spray it. And then digit 4 is a little kettle. In parts of the world…I know in India, I was actually introduced to this by an Indian roommate. You simply have a little metal kettle…it could be plastic, very, and you impound this and then you pour it onto your as and you wipe with the other hand to have the flowing water and then mostly the turd corpuscles would go right into the toilet and be evened thatway. So, that is a little kettle. Now a improvised one that you could make is a plastic bottle and you poke holes in the cap of the plastic water bottle and then you precisely crush that. And that works really great for camping. But it could be used at home as well, but if you are camping that’s a beautiful little, super flare, it was feasible to crunched down even, and it’s your little portable buttock sprayer, bathroom tissue free practice to scavenge your butt.Also, of course, just showering. Now if you are a once a day pooper and you are happy to take your showers once a day this is perfect. You just poop and then take your shower and clean-living in the shower. If you poop 5 times a day like some people do, 5 showers a era is not exactly ideal. But that’s 5 different ways that you can use water to scavenge your laughingstock. And then there is also…if you have a sink right next to your toilet you could also really use that as well. You kind of need the ideal sink/ lavatory spot. But billions of people various regions of the world simply use sea. It’s not crazy whatsoever and actually a lot of parties think it’s more hygienic because you actually get rid of the poop particles from your butt , not like, one of my former spouses would say with toilet paper, you principally merely jam-pack them on there and don’t really get itfully clean-living. So, those are some water ones. Let’s see, I’m going to go back to some paper forms.Number 5 is actually a space to find toilet paper for free. And that is dumpster diving at homes that sell toilet paper like pharmacies. I’ve done a lot of dumpster diving to raise awareness about food waste. And what I discovered is that numerous pharmacies will throw out the 12 compress or the 24 carries of toilet paper because either they get suppressed or because I think someone steals one and they don’t sell a 23 battalion, they sell 24 backpacks so they toss out the whole thing and I can’t tell you how many times I felt 12 backpacks or 24 battalions of perfectly good toilet paper fully unused.We are talking about precisely one removed or the package is justsquished. So, dumpster diving at pharmacies. Now, another idea that I came up with that I never put to the test, would be dumpster diving at the factories that make this stuff because if they have mistakes or the wrong condition, they might be throwing away insane sums. Most manufactures do make mistakes and throw away lots of things and I would imagine that toilet paper industry isprobably similar. So dumpster diving for toilet paper is an excellent way.The next one is, you are well aware, something that some people won’t be comfortable with just because of the social stigma…oh, well a lot of people wouldn’t be okay with the social stigma of dumpster diving for bathroom tissue, either, but got to get over those social stigmas instead of just … you know, just rethink social stigmas. Is cleaning your laughingstock with your money better than rethinking social stigmas? For me, it’s about “ve been thinking about” how I can live in a way that’s beneficial to the earth, my society and myself. Remove myself from the violated structures. And to do that I have to go against the grain of civilization, generally, because the grain of society is more of a consumeristic, expend your money, have to make money, acces of doing things.So, sidenote. Back to this one. A heap of fast food eateries, when you buy a dinner, they give you 5, 10 napkins.Most beings don’t abuse all those napkins so what they do is, often they just leave everything on the table and there is a stack of cloths and the people that come down to make those trays, they don’t put those napkins back. They throw them away. So you can go to these restaurants, time walk in and really grab those nappies. Not mooching in any way, such is napkins that would have gone to the landfill. Take those dwelling, chipped them up. If you just take scissors and cut around the edges so that it is not connected in all those patches, you just have nice squares. You could make a big stack of those squares right by your toilet. And in ten or 15 times you can get a month’s supplying of toilet paper by doingthat. Another path to erase your laughingstock for free is newspaper. Now, newspaper is not my beloved road. It’s not the softest. I adore flourishing my own bathroom tissue. So frankly, the newspaper thing is something that I have rarely done, but I have.And I should say that every one of these suggestions that I am making, I have done. So these are personal, first mitt and also first entrust of many, many, countless peoplearound the world. So, newspaper. Very simple An important thing to mention is that you can only put into your toilet what should be in that system. So growing your own toilet paper probably most of those foliages are not going to be good for the septic system. Newspaper? Not good for the septic system or the waste water plant. So for things that aren’t flushable there are a couple things you can do.First of all, ideally, have a compost toilet and then any of those things can go right into the compost and create soil. That course you are solving a lot of other problems and creating healthful clay forgrowing meat. But the other options with that are, you are eligible to time shed it in the trash barrel. And if you go to targets like Mexico, for example, most of the bathrooms only have a garbage can next to them and they propel the toilet paper in there.Not flush it. So this “wouldve been” no different. You would just have a garbage can for the bathroom tissue and you could throw that apart. But the better thing to do is, you don’t need to have a compost toilet, you are eligible to just have…next to your toilet you can have a bin for these articles and then you can compost that paper. You can figure out a route. Where there is a will there is a way. But you shouldn’t flush those things I’m reasonably certain of that.Now, actually, even better than those and I should have mentioned this one at the extremely top, because this is a really great way to make love, and that is to have reusable mops. Cloth pads. Now there are a lot of people out there who give cloth nappies for their babes and this is no different than that. You basically take cloth, one thing you can do is you can take aged tshirts, you trimmed them into squares, like toilet paper, and you erase your buttock with them and then you have a little basket next to your bathroom and then you shower them.So these are washable, cloth, reusable toilet paper. It makes a lot of sense. Again, for some people that might seem kind of weird but the reality is it studies really well and a lot of people do it and it’s no crazier than having to change kid’s napkins and it’s very much in alignment with really use reusablediapers. Okay, last pair. Now, I’m going to change on to more of the’ woodsy wiping ‘. These are things I would do more likely when I’m out in nature camping rather than at home. So one is smooth stones. Smooth boulders are a wonderful way to clean the butt. You take that smooth cliff, you clean and this is done using the’ leave no trace ethics’ so this is not pooping all over the place for other people to step in or anything like that. You have to dig a fault and submerge this and have the turd be in the ground , notexposed. You want to practice’ leave no trace’ ethics and time ogle that up, in fact, I will have a link to’ leave no trace’ in the description of this video.And then the other one is leaves. So, concluding the claim leaves in quality. You don’t have to grow your own. They are already there. You can forage those and use them. And you can actually take leaves home with you as well. So, those are some of the ways to wipe your as free of charge. I rolled 10 plus a bonus 3, I study. And one really important thing to say is that of course whatever way you do this you have to practice good hygiene. Poop can assign insects. It can convey bacteria that can draw you very sick. So it’s very important to practice good hygiene no matter what. Some beings might watch this video and just think that I “re talking” willy nilly pooping all over the place or not washing your hands after stroking poop. No. That’s not what I’m talking aboutat all.Every single thing that I’ve mentioned can be done in a hygienic acces and a hygienic action that doesn’t destroy the earth that we live on because toilet paper might seem hygienic, but is it hygienic to chop down our woods, burn fossil fuel and garbage our interstates and our streets and our streets with trucks full of toilet paper? Is that actually hygienic? When you look at the bigger picture , no, it’s not. It isolates the ability for something to appear hygienic but when you extrapolate it out to the billions of parties on earth it’s not hygienic at all. In fact, it is a center piece to the destruction to the world that we are causing. So, those are some of my proposal for you. All of these, and been linked to more information is at toiletpaper I have information about the seeds that I mentioned, about dumpster diving for toilet tissue, about the slacker shoot and the bidet and all of that at toiletpaper Right now this is a highly harrowing time to rethink things, to change things, and a great way is to start with your toiletpaper.Something very near and dear to a lot of us. If you got a lot out of this video, if you learned a lot, delight share it. If you have friends and family that you think should see it, share it with them. To help get this out in the YouTube algorithm click the’ like’ or the’ thumbs up’ and criticism. And if you have questions ask them and I will try to answer a assortment of them and say hello. And of course, if you are not subscribed to this channel, if you got a lot out of this there is a lot more to come and you can watch my previous videos. There’s a lot there, but subscribe. So here’s to you! Here’s to believing outside of the box, feeling deeper, and along the lines of today , not erasing our buttocks with our fund anymore.I love you all very much and I’m wishing you comfort and happiness and health and forte to make it through thesetimes. And not just make it through these times but to come out better human being. Alright, loves you very much. See you soon.( Classical guitar music) Subtitles by the community.

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